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Liquid Sugar Soap

Concentrated and economical detergent for use as:
- presoak
- removing grease, grime, smoke-stains, etc from most surfaces
- in the laundry, bathroom walls
- outdoor driveways, bbqs etc.

Liquid Sugar Soap


Liquid Sugar Soap is a concentrated and economical detergent for removing grease, grime, smoke-stains, etc from most surfaces.

*  Laundry - as a presoak for dirty clothes. - sinks, tiles, walls, porcelain, floors, etc.

*  Kitchen - stovetops, ovens, bench tops, sinks and taps, rangehoods, fridge and cupboard doors, microwave ovens, appliances.

*  Bathroom - bathtub, shower, toilet, basins, tiles, floors, chrome, glass and mirrors.

*  Walls - removes dirt, hand marks, smoke stains , etc. - cleans and prepares surfaces for painting and wall papering.

*  Outdoor - driveways, engines, barbeques, toys, outdoor furniture, chrome, windows, cars, boat, caravan, etc.


Simply dilute about 100 ml Liquid Sugar Soap in 5L cold or warm water and apply with mop, sponge or cloth. Rinse away residues.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.