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Laundry Liquid & Multi-Purpose Detergent

Specially formulated to be environmentally friendly while retaining optimum cleaning efficiency even in hard water. Is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, caustics, synthetic dyes, fragrances. Suitable for hot or cold water washing.



This is a premium quality product, specially formulated to be environmentally friendly whilst retaining optimum cleaning efficiency.


* Biodegradable

* Contains no phosphates

* Contains no synthetic dyes, fragrances or thickeners

* Contains no caustic ingredients

* Compatible with hard water

* Free flowing for easier pouring

* Suitable for hot or cold washing

* Has many other uses (see below)


Laundry Washing                                          Light-Med Soiling        Heavy Soiling

Large toploading automatics                                     50 ml                     100 ml

Medium toploading automatics                                  40 ml                       80 ml

Twin Tubs etc.                                                           25 ml                       50 ml

A little may be applied undiluted to stains immediately prior to the wash, or it may used for presoaking at up to 50-80 ml per 10 litres water. Suitable for all fabrics except wool or silk.

Floor Mopping Add 20-40 ml per 10 litre bucket of cold or warm water. Apply by mop or sponge. Suitable for all vinyl and tiled floors.

Glass and Window Cleaning Mix 5ml with 200ml methylated spirits and 300ml water. Spray on mirrors, windows or other glass surfaces; wipe off with lint-free cloth or paper towelling.

Spray and Wipe Cleaning Mix 25ml with 200ml methylated spirits and 300ml water. For effective cleaning and degreasing of kitchen and other hard surface areas, spray on and wipe off.

Car Washing Add 25-50ml per 10 litre bucket of cold water. Apply by chamois or soft sponge and hose off thoroughly. Avoid washing car in direct sunlight.

Degreasing Dilute 50:50 in kerosene and stir or shake well just prior to use. Suitable for cleaning and degreasing car engines, lawn mowers, machinery etc. Apply by (e.g.) paintbrush, allow several minutes to penetrate and hose clean.

Oil Spills For degreasing oil spills on concrete, the following is recommended: Immediately following the spill, cover the oil with dry sand and leave for at least 24 hours. Remove sand, then apply detergent undiluted to residual stain, scrub with scrubbing brush and hose off immediately.


Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged skin contact. If skin is sensitive, use rubber gloves.