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Injector Cleaner

Suitable for both diesel or petrol systems. Cleans and maintains injectors, carburetor components and frees sticky parts, jets & fuel lines.

Injector Cleaner



High strength blend of solvents, surface active agents and sludge dispersants for engine top-end cleaning and decarbonising by addition to the fuel tank or by using automatic flushing equipment.

  •  helps cleans injectors, valves & combustion chambers
  •  restores power loss from fouled injectors & allows smoother engine running
  •  reduces exhaust smoke
  •  improves engine efficiency & fuel economy
  •  suitable for use in petrol or diesel engines.


Add Injector Cleaner directly to full fuel tank at up to 500ml per 50L fuel, or: Apply Injector Cleaner using automatic flushing equipment according to equipment directions.

Generally, 1 – 2 litres Injector Cleaner is sufficient.

Alternatively, for injector and rail cleaning with diesel engines, this same mixture may be used as follows:

  1. Disconnect the inlet line to the fuel filter and run new lines from the container holding the mixture to the filter.
  2. Then disconnect the return line from the fuel rail and also place it in the holding container, thus creating a loop in the fuel delivery system.
  3. Start the engine an allow it to warm up before alternating the engine revs up and down until nearly all of the fuel has been used and what comes through the return line has been collected.
  4. Reconnect the main fuel line and add about 50 mls DynaFuel to the tank. Run the engine until nearly a litre of fuel has come out through the main return line.
  5. Replace the fuel filter and re-attach the return line.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid breathing vapour. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use