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HD Degreaser Sanitiser

Industrial strength - emulsifies grease & oils spontaneously, even in very hard water or seawater, and disinfects while it cleans. Is recommended for cleaning in an extensive range of applications.

HD Degreaser



This is a premium quality industrial grade product unequalled in cleaning and sanitising efficiency. It emulsifies grease and oils spontaneously, even in very hard water or seawater, and disinfects while it cleans - it kills germs instantly and inhibits growth of algae. HD Degreaser has been specially formulated for the rigorous cleaning and degreasing requirements of industrial workshops and processing areas. It is recommended for cleaning and sanitising concrete floors, food processing equipment, fishing boat decks, bilges, weathered aluminium truck bodies, engine degreasing, etc.


HD Degreaser is suitable for use with all types of mechanical cleaning equipment.

  • General cleaning: for cleaning manually or via pressure washers, steam cleaners, soak tank ultrasonics, or automatic scrubbers, dilute 1:10 to 1:40 in water, as required.
  • Normal cleaning: 1 part to 20 parts water is recommended.
  • Heavy soiling: it may be applied undiluted.

When used in food establishments, rinse away all residues with potable water. HD Degreaser may adversely affect paint finishes.


This product is strongly alkaline and proper precautions should be taken with its use. The wearing of protective gloves, goggles, etc is recommended. Avoid inhalation of spray if protective masks are not worn.  Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.