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Engine Flush

Removes harmful sludge from all petrol and diesel engines.

Engine Flush



Engine Flush is a specially formulated blend of penetrants, lubricants and sludge dispersants designed for use in all petrol and diesel engines. It provides the following benefits :

* Cleans all engine parts

* Removes harmful sludge and other contaminants

* Cleans valves and hydraulic valve lifters

* Frees piston rings

* Reduces fuel consumption

* Contains no harmful aromatic hydrocarbons

* Fortified with Extreme Pressure additives to ensure engine protection.


Ensure that crankcase oil is at correct level and oil filter is not blocked and run vehicle until normal operating temperature is reached. Apply using automatic flushing equipment according to equipment directions, or alternatively add about 300 ml of Engine Flush to the crankcase oil and idle the engine for 10 minutes. Stop engine and drain oil. Fit a new oil filter and add new oil as per vehicle manual requirements. For extra engine protection, Slip OIL ANTIWEAR ADDITIVE or Oil Fortifier can be added at this time.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Avoid breathing vapour. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.