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Car Wash & Wax

A specially formulated concentrated car wash with built in wax for extra shine and paint protection.A triple action cleaner, degreaser and wax based product that is highly concentrated for economical use. Biodegradable, non flammable and non corrosive.



All vehicle cleaning wash and wax.  Contains surface-active agents emulsifiers and wax.  Specially formulated to clean and enhance surfaces fast and effectively, protects against the effects of weather.  Easy and economical to use on cars, trucks, buses, caravans and farm vehicles.


First hose off all loose dirt and mud, then simply mix 50-100 mls of Wash & Wax per 10 litres of water.  Wipe over vehicle liberally with chamois or sponge to remove dirt.  Rinse off thoroughly. To avoid hard water spotting, buff surfaces with soft towel or chamois.  For best results, wash vehicle in the shade to avoid drying and streaking.


Read Material Safet Data Sheet before using. 

Avoid prolonged contact with skin, wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with eyes.

Spillages may be slippery.