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SPRAY REODORANT,A blend of fresh & natural perfume oils that helps minimize odours and mustiness, leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance. Ideal for use around all commercial & domestic bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, offices & motor vehicles.

Barrier Cream

Use in workshop areas or around the home for protection of the hands. Contains purified water, lanolin, dimethicone, emollients, natural oils and sanitizers.

Bathroom Scale Remover

Spray-on cleaner for removing soap scum, hard water stains and scale from bathroom walls and fittings.

Body Wash

Iis a multi-purpose hair and body wash that removes dirt and grease. Containing natural coconut oil derivatives and emollients that leaves skin and hair feeling soft, clean and revitalized.

Car Wash & Wax

A specially formulated concentrated car wash with built in wax for extra shine and paint protection.A triple action cleaner, degreaser and wax based product that is highly concentrated for economical use. Biodegradable, non flammable and non corrosive.

Car, Tractor and Truck Wash

A highly efficient streak-free cleaner for the hand or machine washing of cars, trucks, buses. Available in Premium & Economy.


ORANGE OIL DEGREASER A unique non-caustic water and orange-oil based formulation is designed to clean, degrease & sanitise process equipment, floors, walls, ablution areas, ship bilges, bulkheads, trucks, locos & rolling stock, engines and much more.


CORROSION & SCALE REMOVER CONCENTRATE CorroSoak is designed for the safe removal of rust, scale and tarnish from most metal objects. It has numerous applications in the marine, construction, mining, food processing and automotive industries.


ANTI-STAIN SEALER FOR MASONRY This unique water-based product provides a durable transparent protective barrier against oil and water on concrete and other porous masonry or mineral surfaces.

Fresh Morning

PREMIUM DISHWASHING LIQUID Has cleaning applications in hospitals, institutions, homes, shops, restaurants, schools. etc. Ideal for cleaning food handling equipment, painted surfaces, vitreous & hard surfaces, glassware, cutlery, stainless steel etc.

GP Degreaser

Super strength water-based degreaser. Rapidly cleans oil, grease and grime from bilges, engines, bulkheads, compressors, floors and decks. Helps reduce fumes and fire danger. Is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, biodegradable and solvent-free.

Graffiti Remover

This blend of solvents, natural oils and biodegradable surfactants is designed to remove pen, ink and some paints, crayons, etc, from vinyl, plastic, glass, laminex, metal and non-porous masonry and timber surfaces. Is an effective degreaser & presoak.

Green Clean Hand Cleaner

Derived from a special blend of natural oil derivatives, emulsifiers and emollients, with abrasive for heavy soiling or without abrasive for light soiling of hands. Suitable for use in mines, workshops and general purpose industrial uses.

HD Degreaser Sanitiser

HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER SANITIZER Industrial strength - emulsifies grease & oils spontaneously, even in very hard water or seawater, and disinfects while it cleans. Is recommended for cleaning in an extensive range of applications.

Laundry Liquid & Multi-Purpose Detergent

Specially formulated to be environmentally friendly while retaining optimum cleaning efficiency even in hard water. Is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, caustics, synthetic dyes, fragrances. Suitable for hot or cold water washing.


CLEANER & CONDITIONER Spray -on, buff-off water-based polish to enhance and protect leather and vinyl.

Liquid Sugar Soap

GREASE & GRIME CLEANER Concentrated and economical detergent for use as: - presoak - removing grease, grime, smoke-stains, etc from most surfaces - in the laundry, bathroom walls - outdoor driveways, bbqs etc.

Quick Clean HD

Has been specially formulated for the rigorous cleaning and degreasing requirements of workshops and processing areas. Is recommended for cleaning concrete floors, fishing boat decks, bilges, weathered aluminium truck bodies, engines etc.


PREMIUM RUST CONVERTER Water based rust treatment for use prior to painting. Converts and stabilizes rust for use in the marine, farming, mining and automotive industries, as well as many areas around the home.


CLEANER DEODORIZER DISINFECTANT Powerful and fast working triple-action cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant that is safe to use on all washable surfaces. It provides rapid dispersion grease and dirt and provides high residual sanitization.

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