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ANTI CORROSION LUBRICANT Displaces moisture, penetrates rusted parts, lubricates, stops squeaks, cleans surfaces, & protects them from corrosion. Numerous uses in automotive & marine maintenance, transport, engineering, industrial & commercial equipment.


SPRAY REODORANT,A blend of fresh & natural perfume oils that helps minimize odours and mustiness, leaves a pleasant long lasting fragrance. Ideal for use around all commercial & domestic bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, offices & motor vehicles.

Auto Carwash Detergents

Range of concentrated liquid washing compounds, waxes and deodorizers for either manual or automatic dispensing in commercial carwash systems. - Foaming Brush Detergent - Foaming Presoak - High Pressure Detergent - Tyre & Engine Cleaner

Barrier Cream

Use in workshop areas or around the home for protection of the hands. Contains purified water, lanolin, dimethicone, emollients, natural oils and sanitizers.

Blue Power

High quality Urea solution developed for the automotive SCR catalytic converter for the reduction of emissions in Euro 4 and Euro 5 commercial diesel vehicles. Reduces nitrogen oxide (Nox) into harmless nitrogen and water, increasing power and torque.

Body Wash

Iis a multi-purpose hair and body wash that removes dirt and grease. Containing natural coconut oil derivatives and emollients that leaves skin and hair feeling soft, clean and revitalized.

Car Wash & Wax

A specially formulated concentrated car wash with built in wax for extra shine and paint protection.A triple action cleaner, degreaser and wax based product that is highly concentrated for economical use. Biodegradable, non flammable and non corrosive.

Car, Tractor and Truck Wash

A highly efficient streak-free cleaner for the hand or machine washing of cars, trucks, buses. Available in Premium & Economy.

Cooling System Antifreeze/ Antiboil - GMH Spec

Concentrated glycol based treatment for automotive cooling systems. ASTM D1384, ASTM D4340, ASTM D2570, ASTM D2809, AS 2108, GM HN2083. - Concentrate - Ready-To-Use; 50% - Ready-To-Use; 40%

Cooling System Flush

Specially formulated liquid for removing sludge, grease and scale from radiators & engine water jackets. Non-acidic, solventless, biodegradable.

Cooling System StopLeak

Provides temporary repair of radiator leaks and seepage from radiator hoses and gaskets, and reduces loss of coolant from the cooling system. Contains lubricating heat-sensitive synthetic polymers and is free from abrasive mineral fibres.


CORROSION & SCALE REMOVER CONCENTRATE CorroSoak is designed for the safe removal of rust, scale and tarnish from most metal objects. It has numerous applications in the marine, construction, mining, food processing and automotive industries.

Diesel AntiGel

COLD FLOW IMPROVER This advanced technology product lowers the gel point of diesel fuel and allows it to remain liquid at very low temperatures. It is suitable for use in summer or winter grade diesels.


ALL FUEL TREATMENT REDUCES FUEL CONSUMPTION UP TO 10% Helps absorb and remove water from fuel and lines, neutralize acids, remove deposits and retard fungal growth. Suitable for petrol, diesel, small engines. Super concentrated and economical.

Engine Flush

Removes harmful sludge from all petrol and diesel engines.

Engine Stopleak

Reduces oil leakage and seepage.

Fresh Morning

PREMIUM DISHWASHING LIQUID Has cleaning applications in hospitals, institutions, homes, shops, restaurants, schools. etc. Ideal for cleaning food handling equipment, painted surfaces, vitreous & hard surfaces, glassware, cutlery, stainless steel etc.


A valve and valve seat lubricant which is vital for engines running on LP Gas to ensure the valves and valve seats are provided with extra lubrication to reduce wear.

Gear Oil Fortifier

This blend of synthetic additives is designed to enhance the performance of lubricants, particularly in old or worn engines and industrial gear boxes.

Green Clean Hand Cleaner

Derived from a special blend of natural oil derivatives, emulsifiers and emollients, with abrasive for heavy soiling or without abrasive for light soiling of hands. Suitable for use in mines, workshops and general purpose industrial uses.

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