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Add to car windscreen washer reservoir to give sparkling clean windshield.

Solv Clean

A highly evaporative blend of solvents simply sprayed on to the area for the fast cleaning of brakes and parts.

Spray & Wipe

This concentrated general purpose detergent is designed for unsurpassed household and commercial spray-on, wipe-off cleaning. It is biodegradable and contains no hydrocarbon.

Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber Reviver

Premium rejuvenator and sealer for use on all automotive vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces as well as vinyl & plastic furnishings in offices & the home. Enhances the appearance of surfaces and protects from atmospheric contaminants & UV light.


GLASS & WINDOW CLEANER A very economical cleaner for all glass, mirrors and chrome surfaces. Used as directed, it will lift off dirt and grime quickly, leaving a streak-free surface. Windows is water-based, biodegradable and more.

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