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Green Clean Hand Cleaner

Derived from a special blend of natural oil derivatives, emulsifiers and emollients, with abrasive for heavy soiling or without abrasive for light soiling of hands. Suitable for use in mines, workshops and general purpose industrial uses.

HD Degreaser Sanitiser

HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER SANITIZER Industrial strength - emulsifies grease & oils spontaneously, even in very hard water or seawater, and disinfects while it cleans. Is recommended for cleaning in an extensive range of applications.

HT Chain Lube

HIGH TEMPERATURE CHAIN LUBRICANT Lubricates and penetrates chain links, pins and rollers, resists fling off during high temperature industrial operations; reduces chain wear and stretch.

Injector Cleaner

Suitable for both diesel or petrol systems. Cleans and maintains injectors, carburetor components and frees sticky parts, jets & fuel lines.

Laundry Liquid & Multi-Purpose Detergent

Specially formulated to be environmentally friendly while retaining optimum cleaning efficiency even in hard water. Is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, caustics, synthetic dyes, fragrances. Suitable for hot or cold water washing.


CLEANER & CONDITIONER Spray -on, buff-off water-based polish to enhance and protect leather and vinyl.

Liquid Sugar Soap

GREASE & GRIME CLEANER Concentrated and economical detergent for use as: - presoak - removing grease, grime, smoke-stains, etc from most surfaces - in the laundry, bathroom walls - outdoor driveways, bbqs etc.

Octane Boosters+10 and +30

Suitable for leaded, unleadead & high octane petrol. A concentrated octane enhancer that will increase octane number by up to 30 RON points at 1:200, for general use. Is fortified with fuel system cleaners and top-end lubricants.

Oil Fortifier

This blend of synthetic additives enhances the performance of API, SAE and CCMC engine oils and lubricants, particularly in old or worn engines.

Petrol System Treatment

Maintains injectors, carburetor jets and fuel lines.

Petrol System Treatment Plus Octane Booster

This is a powerful fuel system cleaner and top-end lubricant, a clean efficient fuel system under normal driving conditions for leaded and unleaded petrol engines.

Quick Clean HD

Has been specially formulated for the rigorous cleaning and degreasing requirements of workshops and processing areas. Is recommended for cleaning concrete floors, fishing boat decks, bilges, weathered aluminium truck bodies, engines etc.


PREMIUM RUST CONVERTER Water based rust treatment for use prior to painting. Converts and stabilizes rust for use in the marine, farming, mining and automotive industries, as well as many areas around the home.


CLEANER DEODORIZER DISINFECTANT Powerful and fast working triple-action cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant that is safe to use on all washable surfaces. It provides rapid dispersion grease and dirt and provides high residual sanitization.


Add to car windscreen washer reservoir to give sparkling clean windshield.

Silicone Lube

It is a premium quality, high molecular weight polymer lubricant designed to remove annoying squeaks and to prevent wear wherever rubber, plastic, vinyl and metal surfaces rub together on cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, etc.

Slip - Oil Antiwear Additive

Special blend of surface modifying lubricants and anti-corrosion agents designed specifically to reduce metal to metal friction between all moving parts in engines (inc 2-stroke ), gearboxes, differentials (except limited slip), bearings pumps etc.

Solv Clean

A highly evaporative blend of solvents simply sprayed on to the area for the fast cleaning of brakes and parts.

Supa Drill Foam

A concentrated biodegradable liquid formulated for use in all air drilling operations using either tri-core or hammer bits, in mineral exploration, oil, gas and groundwater industries. Including mist, foam, slug & stable (thick) foam drilling.

Tapping Compound

This is a novel lubricant with special surface modifying and friction reducing properties. It is designed for use in machine shops, for general drilling, tapping, punching, threading and broaching, and for low or high-speed lathe work.