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Oil - Selecting the Right Viscosity
The most important aspect of using the right oil for your machinery is to select the correct oil viscosity. The instructions for selecting the right oil for your machinery and equipment are detailed in your manufacturer's handbook/manual. If this is not available then use the Specification Charts below to select the correct oil viscosity:
• American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications
• Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Charts

If in doubt then please contact FluidMasters on 1300 302 949 and we will assist you to choose the right oil for your equipment.

Our Oil System maintenance products include:-
• 8-30 Multifunctional Oil Supplement -
Maximises performance life of older petrol and diesel engines (Pre CJ4 oils), gear trains, gear boxes, final drive engine oils, differentials, reduces wear and corrosion, neutralises acids, prevents oxidation of oil, extends oil drain periods. NOTE: To be used in conjunction with engine oils before CJ4 standard ONLY.
• Oil Flushing Concentrate -
Specially formulated blend of penetrants, lubricants and sludge dispersants designed for use in all petrol and diesel engines, gear trains, gear boxes, final drive differentials.
In addition we recommend and sell:
• CONOCO Oils and Lubricants/Protech Oils and Lubricants -
The best oils and lubricants means the best possible protection for your equipment.
Oil Analysis
It is imperative to understand what is happening inside your engines, gearboxes, final drives, differentials etc. Simply changing your equipment's oil is a hit and miss approach and may not give you the best outcome. Regular laboratory testing and monitoring of the oil will indicate whether to reduce, extend, or maintain your current oil drain intervals. The FluidMasters' Oil Analysis service takes the guess-work out of good machinery fluid maintenance by establishing quickly and reliably whether an oil is suitable for further use or if it needs to be changed. The oil analysis can detect abnormal conditions and predict potential failures long before they have a chance to cause serious and expensive damage.
Oil analysis is seen as a quick and easy way to determine the efficiency of your lube oil as well as the components condition. It is able to be taken on farm, even while seeding or harvesting by carrying a test kit in the cab of the machine.
The analysis is carried out by totally independent third party laboratories and FluidMasters will follow up on your OA with free advice either by phone, fax or email, ensuring you are never left to determine the analysis report yourself.
This service includes the analysis and testing of liquid lubricants and other materials as well as product control and product specification testing. The testing is performed for small and large equipment operators on either a casual or contract basis.


Oil Analysis would detect and identify the metal fragments within the oil alerting the operator to potential equipment failure.
As the bearings wear small metal particles will be evident in the Oil Analysis. As each metal component in an engine is composed of different metals and metal combinations the analysis can identify the components that are wearing before equipment failure saving the operator money and downtime. Read More
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